lundi 30 septembre 2013

Excellentes nouvelles d'Asie

Voila de bonnes nouvelles d'Asie que nous communique l'abbé Chazal. 
Vous trouverez ici la traduction française de ces nouvelles, effectuée par le blog Avec l'Immaculée.

De gauche à droite: Les abbés Suelo, Valan, Chazal et le père Elijah ofm.
Dear Fr Pfeiffer,

We cannot crumble, being crumbs already, but we can be crushed, as more calls keep on pouring on our little number of priests, six and a half only so far for the Austrasian region, Fathers Nariai (who entertained me very kindly recently), Pancras, Suelo, Hartley, Elijah, Valan Rajkumar and yours truly. The outlook, much improved from a year ago deserves a visit from you without too much delay.
On September 17th, we moved at last to the House of Our Lady of Lourdes in Tanauam, three priests, two seminarians, one famous cook.
It is a farm, yet 50 minutes away from the airport... if we had a car!
I am very glad that we have a place where Fr Suelo can truly rest, far from the fawl air of Manila. This place seemed to be at first without mosquitoes, and now in the rainy season, you can sleep with open window and switch off the fan.... therefore no need of buying air conditioning. That is good news because we are so broke, so for instance, todays lunch was cooked on firewood, a little burned, and we had the bananas of the property for desert. The Manila ladies came to the rescue, and the food is now up to resistance standards.
... but so are the mosquitoes.
More than a year after the sspx crisis, at last, i do have a place i can call home, following the seminary schedule as well. Our opponents should be glad to learn that we have only two seminarians to begin with, but we are plying our way bravely through the Questions of the Summa. I preached my first marian retreat the week after. We bought a 6 inch brass bell for the regularity of the house. It is small but the range is good enough; it rings 14 times a day; its name is Little Mary! Fitting, isn't it, for a microseminary...
Not all Australians like vegemite, to my great astonishment, and i reckon the same thing applies to the SSPX decaf. It was claimed to be a Resistance free zone... like Africa.
I began with Sydney having around thirty people interested in the resistance and several scattered groups nearby. Brisbane and Melbourne-Tynong are the biggest groups though, numbering kind of fifty people each, with a distinct reaction from the XSPX, leading basically to the same result. The  reaction of Fr Taouk in Brisbane is near hysterical, given the tune on his cell phones, the threats to the faithful, the refusal of absolution and even the slamming of the confessionnal door. Another Brisbane priest made an interesting comment when presented with complaints about the AFD of Bishop Fellay: "and so what? there are good things in Vatican II!". I hope for Brisbane that Fr Hartley will start to do something, he has 25 faithful on his own, doesn't want to be Novus Ordo, got convalidated by a Thuc line bishop, but doesn't want to be a sedevacantist either, nor does he want to join the reconciliar XSPX. Australia needs another Fr Cummins.

In the spare weekdays, i did a little foray to the Cairns area, and found five souls, but got homesick in Atherton, a place resembling the central highlands of France.

So i headed down to Adelaide where the resistance is down to ten brave souls and should not shrink any further because of the sheer bravery of these people who accept totally to be reprimanded, blackmailed and put away for the sake of the truth. They told me how the Ecclesia Dei people were delighted by Bishop Fellay's visit and famed Adelaide conference last year, which does not differ that much from the Lille conference of May 07th of this year, (where, most notably, the bishop maintain his AFD as a misunderstood, subtle text, not to be used only because it divides, not because it is false).
Just as we must not abandon the Adelaide people, we must take a good care of the Streaky Bay people, because there, the use of the stick has secured the entire group of families for the resistance, to the exception of two or three people. There again the leaders are confirming that they are not getting proper answers from the XSPX priests; it is all about obedience and saying that "these priests are not going to come back, you are not going to have the mass any more... etc." So the whole group is thrown out from the Chapel and we had the Mass in a Shearing shed, quite a beautiflul liturgical surrounding for two first Holy Communions. Led by John Cash, they will hold strong.

In Tynong the resistance to the resistance is minimal, bearing the same results than the techniques of Fr Taouk. There the confreres are more polite, Fr Delsorte was kind, saluting, and Fr Belisle accepted to see me, his point being that the Society's opposition to Vatican II has never been as black and white as we wish to portray it, pointing the Institutio Generalis that is referred to in our Constitution. There appeared again, the new line of the Society, namely that we can cling to what is acceptable in the conciliar doctrine and in the new "magisterium" to draw near the official Church. In his view we are just exagerating, and the liberal slogans in the online presentation of the school are just there because of legal reasons. My question is "Why not say so?" Take the government money if you will, but don't take the goverment's ideas, or at least say that the government forces you to post these errors... but is that permitted by God? I don't think so.
So the point remains, ever since the SG letter of April 15th 2012: Vatican 2 is not a super heresy, we must keep what is good in it, interpret what is ambiguous in the LOTrad, and reject what is bad. Forget about the de Malo of St Thomas Aquinas, and the way heresy has ever crept throughout History. Ambiguity is no heresy, it is a place for discussion and interpretation. That new line has triumphed; it has corrupted leading minds, like that of Fr Belisle. He sent me off politely.
There are two species of liberals, the nasty and the kind one. The second is tougher to deal with, even if the first one tries to inflict pain, tries.
But just as those Fathers refuse to see the doctrinal change, nay, take part in it, there is always, everywhere, a tiny group of faithful that have kept their eyes opened, so we are expecting maybe seventy people for the Bishop's visit in December. We even used the hall where the Society got started for the Sunday mass. It is a great blessing to have Fr Ortiz visiting them in the meantime. Fr Hartley is not the only one in our hopes for permanent priests for these good people, so that the smoking wick does not die, but thrive (say it in Australian accent).

Iin Chennai proper the XSPX has been so swept away that it feels that the 2012 crisis never happened, regular masses, incoming babies, a few more people from the novus ordo.
Then Fathe Valan and I took advantage of the cheapness of the Indian public transportation, something like 15 dollars from New York to Minneapolis and visited a string of families, saying masses at their places. South Tamil Nadu has  some people requiring our assistance, but down the line, you are going to see tiny clumps in the south.
I think it was very important to see them, and of course we had the extra joy to see our friendly priests in tuticorin..  There is  a candidate for the priesthood, and the old priests are really helpful for Fr Valan.
Then i flew to Goa where i saw 50 people in two groups, Goa as i never saw it before (it always stagnated in the past ten years). I gave a mini 2 days ignatian retreat, organised by Joseph Vaz, confessions, sacraments, sunday Mass, rock bottom budget. We shall do it again. Most of those people are out of reach of any bruccianic blackmail, because they come straight from the novus ordo, and understand a full condemnation of it, but they need regular visits, so fr Valan will provide in between my twice yearly visits.
Most of the good people are accounted for in Goa, and it is the same in Bombay, where my ties have stayed very strong. You can t wipe out 7 years of apostolate there, so i wonder why Fr Brucciani had to threaten people, for basically the same result as in Chennai. Not only that, but the pratnala Sisters allowed me to use their church, and i don t recall ever saying the mass in a Church in Bombay.
Interstingly, we have a clear case of marriage annulment in Bombay, a first in the resistance, if it happens. The novus ordo hesitates, because one of the spouses excluded the procreation of children, and that is not sufficient ground for them. That s typical of the new Code.
Then i headed back to Chennai for a few days. As the XSPX is claiming the village of RN Kandigai, we decided to unleash one of our most terrifying but yet undisclosed weapon: a picnic! I sang the mass in the Church, nothing has changed, except the saffronized color of the church.
Our biggest weakness in the rest of Asia is that we are still overextended, so that the weaker elements of the mission can get picked up while we are away, by the mainstream society, using the full weight of their priestly authority and the full weight of the institution. With our mission rythm of today, i don t think the health of Fr Suelo is going to hold indefinitely. so Providence is sending us another volunteer to man the stations, Fr Elijah ofm. he came at the retreat and is going to stay with us once he obtains his leave of absence for his franciscan community. he is abandonning the novus ordo altogether, and the house of Batangas had a big role to play into his decision. 
I have no numerical progress to report except in Japan. Fr Nariai is expressing renewed friendship, after some time. I will pay him visits when I can. The core people of the diverse centers of Asia are holding strong, especially in Singapore where, even before I broached on the subject, people told me that the XSPX is persistently refusing to inform the faithful about the horrendous behaviour of Pope Francis, demonstrating hereby a clear slide. When the priests of the district are asked specific question, they take evasive action or never mention the issue of the new Rome in their sermons any more. A real doctrinal shift is in progress. The priory of Manila is printing and distributing the conference of Fr Themann that defends the AFD and the doctrinal shift, and those Filipinos that use their minds wonder how can it be, since they are told at the same time that the AFD has been rejected officially. Signs of a liberal slide are now appearing in Asia, the most notorious one being the new indian bulletin of the xspx, called "The flying squirrel"(?) that sports a sermon of pope Francis on page two and three. In it the Pope makes a bad exegesis of Luke chapter nine, praises the arch communist Fr Arrupe sj. who even gave sleepless night to Paul VI. In the past we never published the homilies of John Paul II, even a so called good one. The news section praises the World Youth Day, the Opus Dei volunteers teaching the good news of football, the Jesuit center for human rights, a Pentecostal minister arrested for his Pentecostal faith, the bishop of Cochin for opening a novus ordo radio... so I asked it to be scanned and put on the internet.
But, again, while the whole world speaks about Pope Francis, the paralysis of the xspx, or the deliberate refusal to address this issue speaks volumes, ahead of me even speaking to these people.
The opening of the  Batangas House of Our Lady of Lourdes has been a big drain on my finances and that of Julie Cordova, but it is a necessity, especially for the health of Fr Suelo, who has come to rescue us from our financial plight by.... buying a gold detector. Father is specifically looking for the gold left behind precipitously by the Japanese during ww2. In the first attempt he found the underground water pump, then later in the day the instrument pointed straight to the statue of Our Lady... it could not be otherwise, because she has a Heart of gold.
in the hope that he find something sufficient to prop us all up until Judgement Day, I assure you of all my prayers and devotion.
In the golden Hearts of Jesus and Mary,
Francois Chazal, SSPX-MC